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We hope that the findings presented in this paper provide direction for other researchers and contribute to efforts to better understand the land certification system and how it can be made sustainable overtime.

Now, however, a construction boom in both the private and the public sector has led to a dramatic improvement in living standards in major cities, particularly in Addis Ababa.

CSO may have to pay the turnover tax if they secure goods or specific services from business whose annual transactions fall below the threshold for the VAT. It has also enjoyed a considerable attention by the government.

Furthermore, conflict resolution mechanisms are not available or easily accessible, and this makes successful management of condominium commons more difficult. Ethiopia Reforming Land Tenure Review of African Political.

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Council of Ministers may come up with the urban land conversion modalities into a lease system, it does not set the time limit when the regulation would be issued.

It is possible to estimate many of the adverse environmental impacts of land development, but it is not easy to move from projected impact to a regulatory standard. The Italians made investments in Ethiopian infrastructure development during their occupation.

The proposals to relocate the Kembata to SNNPR also serve to illustrate some of the inherent tensions within the federal project.

With this system, the government was expected to collect enough money to run urban infrastructure and transfer all urban landholdings into the lease system. There was no record of the papers issued by the kebele, nor the information stated on them. Woldiya, but it is also not clear, when this railway will be commissioned and opened.

In amhara land already recognized under proclamation provides tenure security of sustainable development for compensation is allotted to amhara region.

However, we wanted to avoid any association with the information given to their specific plots of land.

With temperatures fairly uniform year round, the seasons in Addis Ababa are largely defined by rainfall: a dry season from October to February, a light rainy season from March to May, and a heavy rainy season from June to September.

The corresponding author facilitated and headed all the discussions The objective of individual interviews was to fathom the effectiveness of the Amhara land administration system at policy, management, and operational levels indirectly by customer satisfaction.

However, one of the reasons for the existing lack of success for conversion of old possession into lease during merger is related with the size of the lease holding to be merged and the ultimate consequences of the payment.

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MPs in the Ethiopian parliament.

We do not believe that singling out a particular location at this stage is warranted, as it may draw undue negative attention to it.

Turufe, but also in the area around Turufe itself.

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These are Tehuledere woreda, Kutaber worda, and Dessie zuria worda.

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